What would Michelle Obama do?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

This has been taken from the Winter Edition of HER Collection.

Like every new venture, HER COLLECTED has experienced some growing pains. After a three-month hiatus, we have gone from the Power of Four to the Passion of Two. Personal growth is what will stay with me as well as move into the New Year and beyond.

I am not known for my patience or delicacy when challenges arise. I am a bull in a China shop, direct and tactless. When dealing with people who I love and respect, this approach does not serve me. Co-Founder, Loveleen, is a mother of two, and if I may say, a 'Saint.' She can maintain diplomacy in any situation, a skill I admire and have come to rely on. Together we are a formidable team who rely on one another to provide balance.

In the past six months, I have learned that I have a blind spot that comes in the form of intolerance. Like a kind of Elizabethan Nobleman, when I feel like I have been disrespected and dishonoured, I am triggered. When I started to feel indifferent to the fact that I could part with an individual in any given situation and feel alright, it started to concern me. The people and relationships I have ended or distanced myself from are not ones that I want or desire to reconcile with; however, I wonder if I could have handled these situations better, with more tact and compassion.

“My toxic trait is detachment. I grew up distant, so it's easy for me to lose interest and cut ties...”

My upbringing taught me to withdraw and detach to protect myself from further disappointment and hurt.

In the evolution of myself and this business, detachment can not and will not be the go-to. We have been strategizing and planning for the year ahead and have been continuously working hard to adhere to HER COLLECTED's fundamental values.

In one of our many chats, I discovered that Loveleen had highlighted a PRO who had ghosted us on a project she committed to. When I brought this up to her, she reacted by stating that the PRO failed herself, not us. We keep doing what is best for HER COLLECTED. From that moment, we declared that we would do things like Michelle Obama. When she famously said, “When they go low, we go high." She created a mindset that we have adopted. My old reaction to such a slight would have been to disengage, but that is not what 'Michelle' would do. Moving forward, I will ask, 'What would Michelle Obama do?'. This is how I will conduct myself with the full knowledge that I will have handled the situation with dignity and grace, just like Michelle.

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