Get a Life Coach! Here are the Whys?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Athletes have coaches. Many successful entrepreneurs and professionals have coaches. They are great-sounding boards that keep you motivated and accountable for your success.

Get a coach for your life. Why? Most of us weren’t taught how to live successfully.

A life coach can help you figure out what you want to do with your life, set goals, and attack them. They can help you to become the best version of yourself. They have experience in getting people to live their best life.

A life coach wears many hats:

1. A life coach is your cheerleader. Life is easier when someone is in your corner. When you know you have support, it’s easier to take risks and chase after big goals. You always have someone on your side.

· Your coach will push you. They’ve seen plenty of clients attempt to avoid hard work and stressful situations. They’ll know when you’re playing games and push you to succeed.

2. A coach provides you with guidance. It’s not always easy to make good decisions, especially when you’re stressed or fearful. And let’s face it, some of us don’t make good decisions, period. A coach can help you to make wise choices.

· A friend can’t always be objective or completely honest, but your coach can. You’ll hear what you need to hear, not what you want to hear from your coach. 3. A coach helps you to determine what you want to be when you grow up. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 68. A mentor can help you to determine what the next step of your life should be. If you’re feeling stuck, a coach will help you find your way. 4. A coach will help you to find balance. Coaches are aware that there’s more to life than just money or a perfect beach body. They emphasize keeping all parts of a person’s life in balance. Health, professional success, relationships, finances, spirituality and leisure activities are part of a well-balanced life.

5. A coach can help with many facets of life. A few of these include:

· Career

· Love life

· Finding your life’s purpose

· Achieving challenging goals

· Making more money

· Creating more free time

· Following an exercise program

· Starting a business

6. A life coach is not a therapist. Therapists deal with past issues and traumas. Life coaches work from the present moment and the future. A life coach won’t help you get over a past loss or deal with being bullied or abused. A life coach helps you recognize patterns and can guide you towards building a more desirable future. 7. A life coach isn’t required to have any training. Some organizations certify life coaches, but they aren’t necessary to make a living as a life coach. Be sure to vet anyone you’re considering hiring as a life coach. Since the entry barriers are so low, there are plenty of life coaches that aren’t good at what they do.

· Pay attention to reviews and schedule an introductory session to see if a particular life coach is a good fit. Most will offer a free session. Choose carefully. Do you need a life coach? A life coach won’t solve your challenges; they will help you face them and show you how you can help yourself. If you need a steady hand to guide you and a cheerleader to support you, a coach can make a big difference. There are good and bad life coaches. Do your homework and find the coach who is the right fit for you.

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