First Things First! What Do You Do?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

No matter the size of your business, I will always ask, “what do you do?”. This is a question that you should answer in one short decisive, and definitive sentence; anything longer and you have complicated things. For example, if asked this question, my answer would be, “I coach business owners and leaders to reach their goals by creating action plans, timelines and accountability.” Simple, early on in my career, someone asked me this question, and as I babbled on, I thought to myself, “what are you saying and how did this get so complicated,” by the look on the person's face I knew I did not convince him to hire me but also of what I actually did. I am pretty sure I wasn’t convinced myself.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. - Albert Einstein

The coaching process is a simple yet powerful one. It extracts all the information from clients almost like a puzzle, and together we put it in a fashion that paints a beautiful picture. During this time where businesses face the most challenging periods of their survival, owners are filled with fear, anxiety and dread as the fate of their existence is in the hands of an uncontrollable virus. Some have been able to turn on a dime and adopt; others are flailing like a fish out of water.

Back to Basics, Please

Getting back to basics is the best thing you can do as a business owner. What do you do? Sell a product or a service that pretty much describes most of the offerings businesses provide. The next question is, who is your customer? How can you reach them?

As a coach, I would have advised all my clients to use their time in lockdown to ensure they had an online presence (frankly, I would have encouraged them long before this Pandemic; however). Utilizing all the tools the almighty internet offers to turn their brick and mortar business into an online destination and delight. This seems obvious to some, but unfortunately, as we sit in the middle of lock-down 2.0, many businesses did not make the shift and are suffering even more. I think of a beloved clothing store that only has an IG page, but no one line store and is bringing a rolling rack to her front door to show customers her wares. The frustrating thing is she has a huge Instagram following, and with some guidance and a strategic plan, she could have made an easy transition putting her business in a better place.



  • Create a website that can process payments and feature products.

  • & SquareSpace have the best store builders and are easy to use

  • Send out email blasts letting your customers know you are open and they can shop online and pick up in-store

  • Have flash sales on key holiday items

  • Use your Social Media Platform to celebrate your store and the items that are in demand.


  • Service providers also want to make sure they have a landing page online: Wix, Square Space, Weebly, site 123 & Jimbo are all easy to set up and use.

  • Create a zoom account to connect with your customers - offer a 20-30 minute free tutorial or Q & A - record it, so you can repost on your social media or go live on social media doing the same.

  • Promote your business and free info sessions on social media and email blasts

  • Sign up with an appointment booking app/service this will allow your customers to book their own appointments and send you an alert (Wix and Squarespace have them built into their platform) Honey Book, Appointment-Plus or Jane App (for people in the wellness industry)

Remember to BREATHE! Take a moment for yourself.

You are going to make it through this. Take a step back, devise a plan and execute.

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