Achieving and Succeeding! There's A Recipe.

For those brave souls who start their own business, the end goal is to reach a level of success and financial stability and, dare I say, FREEDOM. Most if not all entrepreneurs would list freedom as a core value. I can definitely attest to that; it is my number one value. As a coach, I help my clients achieve their goals by first identifying their values and usually, freedom is on the top of their list.

In the pursuit of freedom, there will be pitfalls. No one gets into business to fail, although failure is most definitely a part of the journey. I'm going to give you the straight goods; because I am not one to sugar coat anything, seeing how sugar is terrible for you, and the truth shall set you free.

Entrepreneurship, in the beginning, is an uphill battle. The fewer resources you have, the harder that road is. But it is not impossible. There are many inspiring stories of people who started with nothing, nada, nil and managed to kill it. The mindset of these entrepreneurs makes all the difference between ingenuity, flexibility, and patients; they see the big picture.

Along with the above, the traits that all small business owners need are:

Vision - the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom

Commitment - the state of being dedicated to a cause or activity

Resilience - the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Where many drop the ball in their business is the actionable behaviours - planning and accountability. Now, if I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times.

A business that fails to plan plans to fail (period).

I can’t take credit for that mantra, but I sure as hell can spread the word; too many entrepreneurs skip this step and take their great idea and run with no clear direction making that uphill battle even harder than necessary.

Don’t disrespect your dream people! Please put it on paper!!!

Not only is it essential to have a plan in writing, but it is also vital to have an impartial person read it over. Why? We have an emotional attachment to our business. It is our baby, and only you understand your baby.

We know the devil is in the details, so an outsider can see the missing elements and ask questions to get further insight. For the record, don’t have just anyone read your plan. Get a professional. Who can you ask? Your coach, obvie! But for those who are not at the point in their business where a coach is feasible, there are plenty of community-based career centres that offer small business consultations utilize them.

Accountability is another practice that you need to put in place to keep your business alive and thriving. There will be days where the mere mention of your business name will bring you to tears. So establishing a regular accountability partner is crucial. Again, that’s where coaching comes in; however, a friend, family member or entrepreneur group can also serve this purpose.

Whatever helps you stay on track and motivated is what’s important. It truly is the small details and proactive steps you put into place to soften any blows that come your way. So do your business a solid and set it up for success.

That’s it, folks! My recipe for Achieving & Succeeding!

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