4 Pillars of Success!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

“First Step to Success” is my motto. It’s what I do; I help my clients take that first step towards reaching their goals. In truth, the first step is knowing that you want more and acting. Utilizing my services is how you create a structured approach to reaching your success.

Make no mistake; success is the destination. Like any journey, you need to be prepared.

Success is a Journey, Be Prepared!

On this journey, we are going to explore how to build your success using the four pillars. Like collecting tchotchkes and fond memories on your travels, the experiences you have will enrich your life. During my personal expedition, I have filled my chest with tools that I can draw upon to push myself and my clients forward. One such tool is the Agape International Spiritual Centre and its spiritual leader, Michael Bernard Beckwith. He is lovingly referred to as The Rev.

Now, when I wrote this piece, the Rev’s focus was on success. What?!?!

Wonderfully, the messages and sermons are always what I need when I need them. Since this was the year I focused on building my own business, the messages spoke to what I know to be true. It has helped me to expand both my mind and my spirit on the subject. Giving me the ability to better articulate and express my ideas.

For 4 weeks, the subject of success as a destination was the focus. The Rev stressed that many people confuse the journey as the destination. His definition of reaching success includes all four of these elements: Purpose, Prosperity, People & the Planet. I call them the 4 Pillars of Success.

The foundation that holds everything up.

Without these areas of your life being complete, you are unable to focus on fulfilling your purpose. Looking a little closer at each pillar, we can explore what you may need to work on. Now, we have already delved into living our lives on PURPOSE (if you haven’t read that blog, you really must Living On Purpose).

It only makes sense that you need to know what you are here to do to be successful.


Prosperity can be difficult for most, as it is closely associated with material wealth. Yes, that is a part of prosperity, but not all of it. Prosperity also includes your mind, body and spirit. Many people are just focused on paying the bills or keeping up social appearances, losing sight of the other important aspects.

Prosperity is as much a state of mind as it is a full bank account. Your life reflects your thoughts and ideas. What do you fill your mind with? What is your food for thought? The arts are food for the soul, but some produce “junk food.” To lift yourself higher, you need to level up your life. Get rid of toxins. That goes for people, places, situations, food, relationships etc. Whatever is standing in the way of you reaching your very best life is a distraction.

It’s hard to think that binge-watching reality TV is bad for you, but how does it make you feel after a few episodes of the Kardashians…. envious, self-deprecating, and angry? Follow that up with time spent on Instagram, and bam, you have created a vortex that can suck you in, get you all riled up and bent out of shape, mostly about your own shape – physical, financial, social. How about hours of CNN? What frame of mind will that leave you? – doom and gloom!

Let Go of the Negativity!

We live in a society where we are inundated with negative messages all the time, and you have to be cognizant of the impact it has on you. Let go of the negativity and let flow the positivity!

Having a life that is full of love reflects prosperity – wonderful friends, children, relations, colleagues. Is the circle of people you surround yourself with lifting you? Are you up-lifting them? Are you generous with your time, with your kind and loving words? How are you giving back? How do you keep the flow of generosity going? Give to live until you live to give is the mantra of many spiritual communities!

How is your physical body? A healthy body that is free from disease is prosperous. With all the processed and genetically modified foods available, it’s like you need to be a biologist to know what foods to eat! I don’t know about you, but I failed grade 11 Science 3 times; it’s so confusing!

The wonderful thing about being in the age of technology and information is we have answers at our fingertips…. ask Google & it has the answer. If not, it can point you in the direction of the answers you need. Good health is composed of 3 things – adequate sleep, good diet (what that entails is different for everyone) and exercise. We all have excuses as to why we are not taking care of the above. Know that only you have the answer to how these things will happen, so plan and get on it.

Forgiveness is on the road to prosperity. Your spirit needs you to let go of the pain of the past. If you are holding on to old hurts, you tell the Universe that you are not ready to move forward. You’re letting the powers that be know that you are fine right where you are, wallowing in the past. As I have stated many times before, and I will say again, forgiveness is the key to your freedom. If you do not forgive those that have wronged you, you remain a prisoner of said wrongdoing. You will replay the hurt like a scratched record. Returning to and reliving the trauma, making it real again and again!

BTW, the mind doesn’t know the difference if it’s happening in real-time or you are reliving it in thought. The emotional stress is the same.

The first step in forgiveness is open to forgiving; it’s that simple! We all deserve happiness. Allow happiness in! Make room for it!

These are prosperity elements; an open and loving mind, a healthy body and a free spirit. Your heart needs to be generous and open to giving & receiving blessings. Only then will your life begin to blossom and take shape. Your surroundings reflect your prosperity. What does that look like right now?


The last two pillars are straightforward People & Planet. What are you doing in your life to help others? All our purposes are intertwined. We are here to help each other and care for the planet we live on. That’s it.

I like to watch all the cooking shows. One of my favourites is the Netflix original “Chef’s Table.” If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching, let me give you a quick summary; it basically tells the stories of the world’s top chefs, their humble beginnings, the ups and downs of their journey and how they have innovated and changed their craft. In watching these amazing people who are very clearly living on purpose, there is a common theme. They all have bettered the lives of the people they touch, be it their employees, suppliers, family, or community.

They understand the importance of the environment and the sustainability of the planet. These Chefs are working in tandem with farmers to get the best produce organically and locally grown. Working with the indigenous people and discovering new ingredients and recipes that celebrate the earth. Honouring the animals used by making sure they are ethically raised & killed, using every part to prepare their sumptuous dishes. There is a real connection to the food they are creating, how it is sourced, and the importance of that relationship is on a planetary scale.

The Chefs in these stories are Success personified. They are fully realized in all 4 areas: Purpose, Prosperity, People and Planet. For this reason, each day, they can focus on elevating their craft.

Now that is a #lifegoal! Define your success and make it happen!

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